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Sparkplug Acceleron™

A Collaborative Process for Guiding Accelerated Results. It Works. Fast.

Sparkplug is CTR's facilitated process for guiding accelerated results, growth-focused change and innovation actions to drive your success. An industry best practice, Sparkplug is collaborative and engaging, innovative and agile, and it works, fast.

The Focus is up to You

Typical foci include strategic plans and solution designs for marketing; communication and business development; stakeholder engagement programs; energy and sustainability value building; innovative process and product development; and, leadership and team building, to name a few. Being content-neutral, this process can be applied to any group decision-making topic.

The Process is Dynamic

It speeds up value creation by tapping into the group genius – creativity and expertise – to produce concrete decisions and action. If required, we also provide subject matter experts, in complementary disciplines, to balance out the group. Sparkplug is a powerful, time-proven and efficient process, optimally suited for senior decision-makers and influencers with a passion for innovation, growth and future readiness and a desire to get there fast!